Who We Are

Frontier Car Group (FCG) is a Berlin-based startup which develops, launches, and operates used-automotive marketplaces within emerging market economies, with operations in Nigeria, Mexico, Chile, Turkey, Pakistan, and Indonesia. FCG increases the efficiency of selling and buying cars through technology, infra-structure creation, access to capital and innovative business model that allows all stakeholders to gain from FCG´s impact.

The company was founded in April 2016 by the serial entrepreneur Sujay Tyle, the emerging markets specialist Peter Lindholm and experienced TeamLead André Kussmann. Operations officially launched in September 2016 and has quickly grown from small scale to managing a large amount of monthly transactions, reaching a gross merchandise volume of $100M across its component companies just one year after launch.

Emerging markets represent a huge stake of used-car market size across the world. These massive markets, combined with a gap to developed nations on innovation, technology and access to capital, makes FCG perfectly placed to lead the digitization of the automotive sales sector. Emerging markets have large, young populations who are increasingly adopting new technologies, upgrading their cars more frequently, and being more and more concerned about wasting their time with bureaucracy and inefficiencies.

Our team is composed of over 500 people across its six existing operational markets, with additional staff based in Sweden, the United States, and at its Berlin HQ. To date, the company has raised $36 from a portfolio of world-class global investors, including Balderton, NEA, TPG/Satya, EchoVC, and Partech Ventures.